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Uncovering IBS...What is your ROOT Cause?

Healing IBS...

If you have been asking yourself this question but don’t know how to uncover the truth behind your constant discomfort and debilitating symptoms, then you are in the right place.

Scandalous opinon...

It may be common to experience digestive symptoms, but it is NOT normal.

The good news is that IBS is NOT a set in stone diagnosis!

IBS has a root cause that can be healed whether you have a mild or severe digestive symptoms. But it is important to understand that one size does not fit all, so where do we start?

So back to basics: What is IBS?

IBS Stands for: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A syndrome means it is a collection of symptoms that can present differently in different bodies.

Having worked in the digestive health field for over 10 years, I like to think of IBS as a spectrum - symptoms can vary from mild to incredibly severe. As mentioned earlier, one size does NOT fit all, but all of these symptoms fall under one category — IBS.

I know it might feel like overkill to some to file all digestive symptoms as IBS - especially to someone with only mild symptoms. But hear me out. All digestive symptoms have a root cause, meaning there is something causing those irritating GI symptoms. That means that when we identify the unique root cause, we can eliminate the symptoms - thus eliminating IBS!

Symptoms : From Mild > Wild

So what ARE the symptoms of IBS? In my short version of IBS symptoms, I would classify any uncomfy digestive symptom under symptoms of IBS...but here is an official list:

  • Bloating or Abdominal Distention

  • Heart Burn and/or Acid Reflux

  • Post-Meal Digestive Symptoms (I.e Bloating, nausea, pain, loose stools, urgency, etc..)

  • Nausea and/or Vomiting

  • Constipation (< 1 complete bowl movement in 24 hours)

  • Diarrhea

  • Abdominal Pain or Cramping

  • Blood and/or Mucus in Stool

So we ask ourselves...

"How do I know when my symptoms are bad enough that I need support?"

Here are a few questions you can try and answer:

  • "Have I tried a gluten free and dairy free diet for more than 4 months with no significant improvements in symptoms?"

  • "Am I preoccupied with my digestive symptoms and worry about how they will affect my daily routine?"

  • "Do I plan some or all areas of my life around experiencing these symptoms? (i.e. Clothing choices, activities, meals, outings, etc.)

So now let me ask you this: Are you finally FED UP with experiencing such disruptive symptoms and do you want to eliminate them entirely? Well I am here to remind you, there is GOOD NEWS! This is NOT a lifelong condition. In fact, with the right tools, a personalized plan, and an expert to guide you, IBS does not need to be "managed", IBS can be healed!

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