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IBS Can Be Cured

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Take a moment…think about someone in your life who has “stomach problems”. We all probably know someone, or we might be that someone.

You may not have IBS, but I bet you know someone with a sensitive stomach…or someone who has to know where all the bathrooms are…or even someone who seems to never go to the bathroom!

All of those experiences are IBS.

IBS is a catch all diagnosis for any persistent GI symptom which may include chronic bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, nausea, GI pain…the list goes on. A person doesn’t need a formal diagnosis to fall under the umbrella of IBS.

Now, think about what you might know about helping that person with IBS…

Maybe you think it is what they are eating that is causing their IBS and if they would just avoid full categories of foods or understand their unique triggers they could navigate around their persistent GI symptoms.

Or worse, maybe you have heard there is NO cure to IBS.


IBS can be cured.

And the greatest impact on curing IBS symptoms DOES NOT INVOLVE FOOD.

Well if it doesn’t involve food, what does it involve?

It has to do with repairing the GI environment.

There are four main root imbalances that can play a part in IBS, a person may have one or more that is driving their IBS symptoms:

1. Maldigestion

  • Proper communication between digestive organs to secrete stomach acid, digestive enzymes and bile in an orchestrated and streamlined way.

2. Lack of Beneficial Microbes

  • Our beneficial bacterial species play an important role in keeping our GI environment balanced by producing key chemicals that reduce inflammation, build GI barrier and even digest our food.

3. Microbial Imbalances or Dysbiosis

  • I like to refer to this dynamic as having some bullies on our playground. These are often opportunistic bacteria, parasites, yeast, fungus or even worms that can cause a raucous on the playground of our GI system.

4. Stress

  • This is bit of a catch all category, that can certainly include psycho-emotional stress which impedes the gut-brain connection but it also can include stressors such as environmental toxicity, clogged drainage pathways, gut permeability, suppressed or increased immune activation and many others.

Now this is where we get personal.

In order to efficiency and effectively cure IBS we have to know what the unique root cause is for that individual. Once we know that, we can heal IBS and eliminate the chronic, persistent GI symptoms for good! To discover the unique root cause requires a functional stool test, that is where my expertise comes in...but more on that in another newsletter!

What I want to focus on today, is if we don’t start with dispelling the myth that IBS doesn’t have a cure, we can’t get to the good stuff.

My goal in educating you all as part of my community is so that you can help educate others who might be struggling with IBS. IBS is a HUGE drain on someones quality of life.

Lets get this truth out there to help heal the people in our lives who we love!

IBS can be cured!

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