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Food Sensitivities...Do Elimination Diets Heal IBS?

Do I have IBS?

The big question is, will eliminating certain foods heal IBS? The answer is no. While this may be a successful short term factor, there are many factors that contribute to IBS. So what’s the next step? Let's take a look at it.

Removing foods from the diet is like playing an endless game of whack-a-mole. The target is always moving and changing because we are not healing the root cause. Here is a kicker, food is NOT the problem.

Managing IBS vs. Elimination : Did you know that over 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut? Food sensitivities are actually an immune system response. When we are expecting food sensitivities or relief from avoiding certain foods - the issue is NOT the food, it is an imbalance in our gut environment due to one or more of the major root causes of IBS.

The Bigger Question we need to be asking…

Why is the gut negatively responding to these foods in the first place? This is where we get to put on our detective hat to dive deeper and uncover the root cause.

Once we discover the root cause, we can heal it. How? Once we heal the root cause, we now can eat ALL of the foods we love without the fear of triggering symptoms! Sounds incredible doesn’t it?

Food sensitivities are not forever. They are, however, signals that we need to pay attention to in order to uncover and address the root cause.

Root Cause: Common Questions

"Is there an imbalance in the beneficial microbes or bacteria that protect our digestive environment?"

"Is there a “bully on the playground” aka a bacteria or organism that is irritating the gut immune system and causing inflammation?"

"Are we producing optimal digestive enzymes or are we experiencing maldigestion that is exacerbating digestive symptoms?"

"Is there leaky gut leading to an increased immune response?"

So what is the answer to each of these questions? Let’s discuss!

We can answer these questions by digging into the root cause within your unique digestive system. By doing this, we will find the solution to long term healing and elimination of symptoms!

If you are fed up with following endless elimination diets, only to have your symptoms come back full force with the “wrong foods”, I think it is time to uncover the real root cause of your digestive symptom. It is time you enjoy ALL of the foods you love without the fear of triggering uncomfortable symptoms.

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