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Success story of a client: The Art of Being Curious

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I want to tell you a story about a clients journey and what they were able to accomplish in just 2 weeks by being curious.

My client came to me with severe heartburn which would present with pain in chest, stomach ache, burning in throat, chronic burping, bloating and gas. All of these symptoms had been present and increasing in intensity for the past 2 years with little help from over the counter products such as Tums and even medication didn’t alleviate the issues.

Through deeper conversation, we also uncovered that post-nasal drip, nasal congestion, itchy eyes and ears as well as chronic aches and pains were also persistent symptoms that worsened as the years went on.

Our goal on our initial meeting is always to format an initial integrative plan to calm the persistent symptoms through diet changes, key nutrients via supplementation and specific behavior change to set the stage for deeper healing. Then we bring in functional testing to get a deeper understanding of the mechanisms at play such as imbalances in the gut microbiome, digestive deficiencies or other less obvious factors that are unique to the clients body.

So here is what we did to relieve symptoms in 2 weeks and set the stage for deeper healing…

We got curious.

I explained that the symptoms they are experiencing are all often connected.

The greatest culprits of chronic heartburn, which often lead to chronic burping, gas, chest pain, congestion and exacerbate allergic-like symptoms are often dairy sensitivity. Gluten is a close second as it can irritate the gut lining causing greater permeability and inflammation in the barrier system of the digestive system.

Therefore, our initial job is to get curious about dietary changes to eliminate any potential barriers to healing or potential immune irritants such as food sensitivities that can play a role in exacerbating symptoms. For this client, this included diary and gluten which are often the most common food irritants. In place, we invited in more cooked foods especially cooked vegetables, lots of bone broths and soups as well as more single ingredient, whole foods and less processed foods.

It wasn’t easy but this client was more motivated to relieve the daily symptoms that were negatively impacting the quality of like.

In TWO WEEKS, the chronic heartburn, chest pain, stomach ache, burning in throat, chronic burping, bloating and gas went from an everyday experience to almost non-existent!

Being curious and making impactful dietary changes are powerful tools.

The healing journey didn’t stop there, but it set the foundation for deeper healing and that is an imperative step in every healing journey.

What could you get curious about to better your health starting now?

  • What you would feel like if you went to bed earlier more consistently?

  • What you would feel like if you drank at least 75 oz of water daily?

  • What you would feel like if you ate meals vs. snacking or grazing throughout the day?

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In health,


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