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Why did you choose Above Health Nutrition?

I had been dealing with vague, inflammatory symptoms and mood swings for several years that were overlooked by my primary care physician. The preliminary bloodwork ordered by my PCP was not adequate to determine the root cause of my symptoms. I eventually developed more overt, hypothyroid symptoms and I reached out to Abby as I have a strong trust in her knowledge of functional medicine and respect her hard effort in identifying the root cause of symptoms rather than treating the symptoms themselves. 

How have your symptoms improved working with Above Health Nutrition?

Though the deeper investigation guided by Abby, she was able to identify that my autoimmune thyroid symptoms were caused by a gluten sensitivity as well as a bacterial dysbiosis. My chronic symptoms quickly resolved through diet modification which included supportive supplements to optimize my gut health. 

How has your overall health and life improved since working with Above Health Nutrition?

My gluten sensitivity has enabled me to become more mindful about food. Because I have to check labels and omit gluten products out of my diet,  my eating habits have evolved to include more whole foods and less processed/packaged foods. I believed that this has made an impact on my  overall mood and I no longer exhibit symptoms of a thyroid disorder.. 

To whom would you recommend Above Health Nutrition services?

As a chiropractor, I have referred many patients dealing with autoimmune, inflammatory and metabolic conditions to Above Health Nutrition. 

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